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Network Security Manager - IPS

McAfee Network Security Manager and IPS Sensors

Our award-winning intrusion prevention has never been easier to use, manage, and maintain.

Unrivaled simplicity teams up with proven protection against a broad range of attacks and threats from spyware to DoS with the powerful McAfee Network Security Manager.

Centrally manage your McAfee IPS sensors and policies in real time through our enhanced wizard-based interface. A single, hardened plug-and-play appliance offers user-friendly, hassle-free web-based IPS management.



One appliance handles it all

With a single rack-mountable, fully-hardened, plug-and-play appliance, you get comprehensive, scalable, accurate, and intuitive management of IPS policies and appliances

Comprehensive protection

This powerful yet easy-to-use web-based appliance delivers comprehensive, proven management of IPS configuration, policy, attack blocking, and response actions for small or large Network Security Manager deployments

Implement policies to suit your needs

IPS policy management is more effective and flexible when you have granular control; you can individualize security policies for different enterprise locations, business units, and remote offices

Protect your most critical assets

The configurable, color-coded intrusion Alert Viewer offers prioritized visual tracking of suspicious attack activity for accurate protection of your most critical network assets

Turn data into knowledge

Our centralized at-a-glance dashboard gives you a complete threat and system summary in seconds, while our real-time alert manager offers single-click navigation to alert and attack information; Network Security Manager also creates highly customized, intuitive, and flexible graphical reports.

Simplifies management and increases productivity

We’ve made our graphical user interface even more user-friendly and intuitive for simplified, centralized management and maintenance; Network Security Manager’s clean and simple interface reduces the complexity, cost, and time spent managing appliances.

It grows with your enterprise

The Network Security Manager’s virtual IPS and internal firewall capabilities are built to scale; it can manage up to 100 IPS appliances and support up to 1000 granular virtual sensors per Network Security Manager appliance.


Network IPS Sensors


Comprehensive enterprise-wide threat prevention
Block attacks before they occur with a single industry-proven security device—McAfee Network Security Platform, your single solution for proactive prevention that protects every device on your network; no other network security offering safeguards your business more broadly, accurately, and efficiently.

Do more with less
Bridge network and system with McAfee’s security risk management (SRM) framework for collaborative security infrastructure that’s integrated for maximum coverage and value; leverage the benefits of your existing security ecosystem; integrated network and system security infrastructure delivers efficient collaboration that’s more than the sum of its parts.

Maintain your competitive advantage
Don’t let network threats and exploits interrupt your business operations and affect your competitive advantage; our high-performance network-class security appliance protects your evolving security and network needs while delivering enterprise-level performance, reliability, and availability.

Smart network and system security integration delivers real-time security
Empower your enterprise with real-time security decisions for faster time to protection and faster time to confidence; McAfee Network Security Platform collaborates with McAfee Vulnerability Manager, ePolicy Orchestrator, and NAC for enhance protection, visibility, efficiency, and value.

10-Gigabit Ethernet performance
Address your evolving security and network needs with affordable network-class performance and reliability; McAfee Network Security Platform portfolio of high-performance, purpose-built platforms protect all locations-from the network core to branch offices

Award-winning, network-class protection for absolute security confidence

Rely on Network Security Platform for your enterprise network; Network Security Platform exceeds Telcordia standards; it's the only IPS appliance to hold the NSS Group's Multi-Gigabit IPS certification; protect all network-connected devices with a combination of IPS and internal firewall for overlapping, integrated protection; defend against current and future threats with dynamic threat and vulnerability updates

Real-time risk-aware IPS
Empower yourself to make more informed security decisions through integration with McAfee Vulnerability Manager, which provides real-time threat relevancy on demand; highly accurate risk relevancy and visibility provides actionable security intelligence

System-aware IPS with McAfee ePO™ integration
Leverage your security investment with McAfee SRM; this integration of your network and system security infrastructure results in the only system-aware IPS for efficient security collaboration that gives you a clear picture of all system and network threats; through integration with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator® (ePO™), you get real-time visibility to actionable system host details, as well as the top host IPS, virus, and spyware events

Dynamic network access control
Extend the reach and depth of network enforcement with dynamic, zero-day access control; combined with the Network Security Platform on-board host quarantine capability, McAfee Network Access Control (MNAC) provides continuous pre- and post-admission control for managed, unmanaged, and unmanageable hosts

McAfee Network Security IPS Sensors