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Back Story
This customer is responsible for all the major airports within South Africa. The airports
customers are the airlines and freight services utilising their infrastructure, which includes
network access and interconnections with other service partner that provides services to
the airlines like food /luggage / maintenance services etc.

To this end the network needs to be segmented to separate this communication between
the organisations. This will ensure redundant, efficient and secure connectivity for the
airport and its customers communications.

Action Taken
ReportStar Technologies was selected to deploy and provide managed security services
for the firewall infrastructure at airports around the country. This ensures all networks
joining this infrastructure are logically separated and inter communication are tightly
controlled to permit only allowed and bone fide traffic to traverse.

ReportStar Technologies implementation and design philosophy ensures 99.9999% uptime
along with proactive monitoring and maintenance being performed for the customer with
the most stringent change control processes in place.

All entities are segmented and protected with optimised business communications while
ReportStar Technologies continues to provide a world class managed Firewall service to
keep the country flying!

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