Datacenter Security

Protect your Virtual Infrastructure and Datacenters

Datacenter Security

The data center is a major primary company resource and an integral repository for business data. Typically, these central IT infrastructures are served by sophisticated networking equipment and resources. They will take in business data from diverse places, process it and store it for eventual use. Data center security aims to make that data less accessible to hackers, external and internal users or anyone else who may seek unauthorized or malicious access.

VMWare / Hyper-V / KVM / Cisco ACI Security

Security for all your Datacenter virtualization platforms to decreases the risk and spread of lateral (east-west) threats. Protect your assets and data within the industry leading Hypervisors (VMware ESXi, Hyper-V and KVM) with the full range of Firewall security, Intrusion Prevention, Application Control, DLP and Threat Extraction from internal and external threats

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