Network Device Reporting

Gather info and insight for network devices

Network Device Reporting

Gain network activity insights and understanding through accurate and comprehensive reporting. This enables organizations to effectively manage their return on investment on their Internet, network and servers and achieve their eBusiness goals. Understanding how these devices perform enables management to better streamline and manage their usage effectively and better plan for the future.

Firewall Reporting

Interpret your Internet gateway's log files to deliver useful reporting to firewall administrators, department managers, HR departments and YOU. Generate Overview Reports or detailed Activity Reports on users, sites, apps, categories or any traffic that flows through your firewall or proxy. Generate these reports based on predefined templates or customized and scheduled as required.

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Network Device Reporting

Versatile log file analysis optimized for network usage reporting to get the right report delivered to the right person. Network devices generate huge amount of log files that can be turned into useful and actionable reports using the correct tools. Reports may be quickly made and customized to help in making important decisions on capacity additions, device upgrades and SLA verifications.

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